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[ACCIDENT] 2020 Corvette with RARE option found totaled on copart

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Ohio based 2LT Trim level 2020 Corvette totaled during a rain storm

Back in May 2020 I was driving to OKC and got word of another C8 accident that would most likely result in a total loss of that unit. It actually looked a lot like my personal 2020 Corvette and the Facebook groups were a quick buzz thinking I had wrecked.

Over the last 3 weeks I have been looking all over for this car and it finally came up on copart today.

This car was sold new to a business back on 3/13/2020 out of dealership in Elyria Oh.

The car came off the line on 2/7/2020

This is a 2LT trim level car that was the 269th 2020 Corvette stingray built for regular production.

The option list includes

  • G9F Ceramic Matrix Gray paint color
  • 3F9 Torch red seat belts
  • 4JF sky cool / Jet black interior
  • 5ZZ CArbon flash high wing spoiler
  • DRG Carbon flash mirrors
  • FE4 magnetic ride control
  • E60 Front lift suspension
  • ERI battery protection package
  • AH2 Gt2 Bucket seats
  • Q8Q Carbon flash painted wheels
  • SPY  black lug nuts
  • TU7 two toned interior seats
  • Z51 Z51 performance package
  • ZZ3 engine appearance package

Where we don’t have the full story on this cars accident. We can clearly see that the accident happened during the rain. And now that we have the VIN the black sheriff car does point out an Ohio Sheriff’s vehicle.

Our best guess is that the car lost control in the rain and hydroplaned out of control. We truly hope the driver and any passenger walked away safe. As this is the 3rd total loss customer 2020 Corvette. We have now also seen 3 major front end collisions and the Corvette engineering team has done a remarkable job to provide a super safe car.

As many Corvette owners know back in January GM sent a memo to dealers saying that all 5VM exposed carbon fiber ground effects would be deleted as the Carbon fiber supplier wasn’t able to keep up with the demand. This 2020 Corvette did in fact have them and you can see what’s left by the photo above. Truly sad to see such a hard to find option lost in an accident. Even worst the car isn’t currently replaceable either as the Bowling green plant just resumed production from the Covid 19 shut down.


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